Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to create a network between 2 PCs

First we begin with the stuff you need:

1 - ofcourse we need 2 PCs...lets name them PC-1 and PC-2
2 - Ethernet cable

For XP users:

Right-click on 'My Network places' and select properties, then choose your ethernet connection(the default name for this connection will be listed as 'Local area connection'). A new window will open where you have to double-click the TCP/IP option.

On PC-1 u need to enter the I address as Next press tab and the subnet mask will automatically appear as Press ok and close the window

On PC-2 u need to perform a similar step only that the IP address will be but you have to set the default gateway too. the default gateway will be the main server, i.e. PC-1, hence you will enter

Press ok and apply settings.

Done, your PC's should now be able to connect with each other

P.S. incase you wish to share files you will need to enable file sharing via the sidebar option in My Network Places.
If further connectivity problems occur make sure your firewall is not bocking any connections from the other PC

Monday, April 6, 2009


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How to forward ports in Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Router

(click on pictures to enlarge)
Type in your browser's address bar.

a window might appear asking for a user name and password. Both are mostly 'admin'(without inverted commas). Press Enter.Go to the 'Applications and Gaming' Tab

Enter the name of the application for which you need to forward your port(e.g. Bitcomet), the range of ports from start to end(6881-6889), and the IP address that has been allocated to your PC by the router. Then click the 'enable' checkbox. (You can check your allocated IP by double-clicking the wireless connection logo in the notification area near the PC clock and selecting the 'support' tab of the window that opens). Then Save your settings once you are done forwarding your ports.

a big thank u to my friend anji without whom this would not have been possible:P